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This baffle design gives the BURNIN’ mouthpiece power, projection and a degree of brightness for a sound that stands out when you want it to.


The deep chamber balances out the steep baffle giving the BURNIN’ mouthpiece a lush warmth and sonic depth. This combination creates a complex and beautiful tone.


Free blowing and focused sound with lots of core.


Manufactured in Savannah, Georgia by Jody Jazz.


Expert hand finishing combined with state of the art CNC machining result in the highest quality and most consistent mouthpieces available anywhere.


Genuine proprietary Jody Jazz hard rubber for the look, feel and sound of great vintage mouthpieces.


Reed friendly and easy to play. Each of the available tip openings were meticulously designed and all play like champs!


The precision and attention of detail to these elements are key to any great playing mouthpiece.


Along with the finely sculpted and hand painted logo, the BURNIN’ mouthpiece comes in a beautiful matte finish.

We Recommend...

JodyJazz Power Ring Ligature & Cap

24kt gold plated brass ring with no moving parts allowing the most freedom and vibration of the reed which in turn also increases the amount of harmonics present, allowing the fullest saxophone sound containing high, mid and low frequencies.
Sizes: HRA1 for alto and HRT for tenor.

Choosing a Tip Opening

The most common question we receive is “which tip opening should I get?” If you are asking this question the answer is probably to choose the 5 tip opening. Watch this video for an in depth explanation of everything you need to know about saxophone mouthpiece tip openings.


International Orders?

You can order the Burnin’ alto sax mouthpiece from our friends at and Thomann

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Better Sax BURNIN' Alto Mouthpiece

What our Students are Saying

Better Sax Community Members

Hello Jay.

WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!

Received my Burnin’ alto mouthpiece this week and what a pleasure!  It is so responsive and it is giving me much pleasure in playing.  I know this may sound weird, but I have confidence in it because of its consistency from what I am hearing and feeling.  Playing is more comfortable and relaxing.

Thank you!

“I just received the Alto Burnin’ #5 mouthpiece. I put a reed on it and began to play. WOW WOW WOW It’s awesome! Thank you very much. It’s going to make playing the Better Alto Sax much easier and more enjoyable.”

“To my fellow alto sax players… please do yourself a favor and grab this BURNIN’ mouthpiece. Make sure you pick up the ring ligature (amazing response with it). This free-blowing piece gives me all the sizzle and body that a hard hitting sax player would want. I’ll be selling my other high end pieces as this BURNIN’ piece just replaced them all.”

“Jay, you are truly the best teacher I have no regrets in joining the full suite of courses. Following your instructions and achieving at least 75% of each lesson was sufficient ot make me feel how much I have improved since I got my alto earlier this month. As you say in your videos, 15 mins a day of dedicated set time created this difference!”

“I must say the further I go into this course the more I am impressed with the process of teaching. I have been a drummer and guitar player for over 45 years, self taught, play in bands, learned clarinet as a kid but went no further. Introduced to sax at age 13 by an uncle who played professional but I was attracted to the drums instead. BUT now I love the sax, your method is making it easy… Thank you so much!”

“I joined the course because I really enjoyed and learned a lot from your free lessons. My subscription was to contribute to your funds in making more great videos. After going through the contents of your course, it turns out to be better than expected. Keep up the great job.”


Rickey Turner

Plays the Burnin' mouthpiece

John Chambers

Plays the Burnin' mouthpiece

William Prince

Saxophonist - Smooth Jazz, R&B, Gospel, Blues


Pentatonic Foundation Students

Brian Cole

Pentatonic Foundation Student


Pentatonic Foundation Student



Yes! you can order a BetterSax Burnin’ alto mouthpiece anywhere in the world. Customers outside the US can place thier order with our friends over at and Thomann who will take great care of you.

Right now the BURNIN’ mouthpiece is available for alto and tenor saxophones. Keep an eye out for annoucnements about what’s coming next.

Please check the return policy from the dealer you purchase your mouthpiece from.

If you aren’t sure what tip opening you play, we recommend you order a 5 for alto or a 6* for tenor. This will be the easiest to play and ideal for anyone stepping up to their first jazz mouthpiece. All available tip openings offer the same sound quality and consistency. Watch my video above if you want to learn more about tip openings.

This will depend on demand. Send us a message if you would like to request a larger tip opening.

The BURNIN’ mouthpiece makes for an excellent mouthpiece upgrade for anyone who has been playing the saxophone for a while and is looking to get a top quality mouthpiece that is perfectly suitable for advanced beginners up to professional players. We recommend most anyone stepping up to their first jazz mouthpiece select the 5 tip opening.


5 = .072

6 = .078

7 = .083


6* = .095

7* = .105

8* = .115


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