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You all have been asking for my baritone saxophone recommendations…

So I went looking for a cheap yet good, baritone saxophone that you can order online with confidence.

Well in the end, a great yet affordable baritone saxophone found me and I’m going to tell you all about it today.

Singer’s Day Baritone Saxophone on Amazon

In the video I compare the Singer’s Day Baritone Sax to my Yanagisawa B-901 which is a professional instrument and certainly a good point of reference for comparison.

I am told that the design of the Singer’s Day Baritone Saxophone is inspired by the Yanagisawa horn so let’s examine the similarities and differences.

First let’s talk about the price. a new Yanagisawa horn equivalent to this one will cost you about $7000

The Singer’s Day Baritone sells for $2300 and is available on Amazon right now.

So the professional sax costs 3 times the price, but is it a 3x better instrument?

And just because the Singer’s Day is more affordably priced, does that mean it’s not up to professional performance?

Watch the video and listen to me playing both of them and see if one sounds better than the other.

Listening back, I can hardly tell the difference between the two saxophones. I will say that the Yanagisawa B-901 is more fun to play and has a slightly better tone from the perspective of the player. However, to be fair, the Yanagisawa is about as good as it gets when it comes to baritone saxophones. The Singer’s Day horn is really not all that far behind.

This instrument is very well made and is an extremely good copy of the Yanagisawa overall just at a much lower price.

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21 thoughts on “An Affordable Baritone Saxophone That Plays Like a Pro Horn”

  1. Amazon, unfortunately does not have this in stock. They say that they don’t know if or when it will be back. I did a little research and found that Singers Day are made by a company called Tianjin Shengdi Music Instrument Co. Their website however does not appear to have any way to purchase their products

    1. I’ve spoken to them and the problem has to do with the supply chain delays due to the virus in China and the factory closings. Apparently, Amazon is marking some items that are being delivered from China as unavailable based on their expectation that the supplier cannot meet the delivery timeline. I think this will sort itself out as things return to normal over there.

      1. Thats good word, Jay. I was about to give in and try a taishen. They look nice… but too cheap. Makes me nervous.

        1. You should do a review of their tenor sax! A lot of people are looking to pick up new hobbies or a second instrument and it falls into the very managable price range, just like the jean paul you did a video on. I’m curious as to how it stacks up!

  2. When I had the $$ I got a Yamaha 62 because my school had a model 52. I didn’t know that much about the bari sax stuff but was familiar with the Yamaha. Plays good, I get comments on good tone, low A and high F# keys. Can ghost low Ab. Can’t afford another one but it does fine. Actually would like to check out tenor by this mfr, as mine is a very limited student tenor. After the big deal has settled, would like to investigate this mfr. It’s not at all un-American to buy musical instruments from foreign companies!

  3. Great review, Jay. I was wondering if you have ever played the Kessler Solist. It’s also a B-901 copy and appears to be a quality instrument identical to the Singers Day except for the neck support (the Solist neck looks identical to the B-901). Since Kessler is also sold out, I wonder if both are made by the same manufacturer.

  4. Awesome Review, Jay. I really liked the sound and it looks like a great pickup until I can get a pro. I found recently they now have a website, They have your image on the front page with your review and are selling many horns. Can you confirm if this is the same company? I would love to try getting my hands on the bronze Bari sax. lol

  5. How does the action compare to your Yani? I’ve played a few “copy cat” horns in the past and while they do a great job “looking” the part, they just don’t feel the same where the rubber meets the road.

    1. Well, I folded and just spent the money on a new Yany BW01. WWBW is offering 48 months at 0% interest so, with such a minimal payment, I couldn’t justify skipping on buying the best! Thanks for the great videos and recommendations, Jay!

  6. Hello, Jay

    I watched with interest your review of the Singer’s Day Baritone sax. I’m wondering if there are other instruments in the Singer’s Day family that you would also describe as being well made Yanagisawa clones.

    I’m hoping to find a reasonably priced replacement for my tenor sax that will sound good with a classical mouthpiece and stiff reeds.

    Please do keep up the good work!
    Thanks for all you are doing.

    Be well.

  7. Hello Jay,
    I am looking for an affordable baritone. I love your videos and found the cheap baritone video to be very interesting.
    Have you ever tried the ones from Thomann?
    They have one at 1600 € and another at 2900 €. The Singer’s Day costs around 2000 €…
    Thanks for all your videos !!

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