The Best Box of Reeds I've Ever Played - Boston Sax Shop – Better Sax
Finding the Perfect Reed - Boston Sax Shop

The Best Box of Reeds I’ve Ever Played – Boston Sax Shop

How Many Reeds Do You Use Out of a Box?

How many are good, how many are great, how many are so so and how many are garbage? Reeds are so temperamental and sometimes you never know what you’re going to get out of a box. I took a brand new box of also sax reeds from the Boston Sax Shop and went through them 1 by 1 to see how well they play for me.

Whenever I find a reed that needs adjustments, I use my favorite reed working tool the ReedGeek. If you’ve got one of these, check out this video on how to use this incredible tool.

Boston Sax Shop Reeds

The reeds I’m going to be playing were sent to me by Jack Finucane from the Boston Sax Shop. You can find their alto sax reeds here, and their tenor sax reeds here. This is their custom cut reed made in the South of France at the Rigotti factory. If you haven’t already seen my video tour of how they make the reeds at the Rigotti Reed Factory, you can check it out here.

Before this, I have never played on one of these reeds so I don’t know what to expect.

Testing the Best Box of Saxophone Reeds I’ve Ever Played

Sometimes when I test things out, I’m surprised by the results and the review turns out completely different than I expected. As many of you know I’ve been adjusting my reeds using the ReedGeek for years. It helps make them play better and last longer.

I meant to use this review to show you how I improve a reed that doesn’t play very well. Yet, somehow managed to get a box of 5 nearly perfect reeds.

My first impulse was to just do it all over with some other reeds, but then I thought some of you might be interested to watch and listen to me play the best box of reeds I’ve had in 35 years of playing the saxophone.

Final Thoughts

Just because these Boston Sax Shop reeds worked so well for me doesn’t mean they will work equally well for you. Plus it’s statistically possible that I just got extremely lucky with these 5 reeds.

Let me know in the comments below if you want to see me test other brands of reeds in this way.

Interested in more content about reeds? Check out Cane vs. Synthetic Reeds.

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6 thoughts on “The Best Box of Reeds I’ve Ever Played – Boston Sax Shop”

  1. I Enjoyed the video, especially the expressions on your face when you realized the video was heading a different direction then planned. I just ordered new boxes of alto and tenor reeds last week and I’m wishing I would have waited, (before the days over I’ll need to order some of the Boston Sax Shop reeds). I would enjoy more videos testing reeds. I also would like to hear your advice on reed management in very dry conditions, (during the winter months in dry air heat).

  2. I would like to see you review another Rigotti product, the Regal Queen Reed. I have using #2.5 Queens reeds w/a lot of success for maybe the last 5 years or so. It seems too be a sleeper brand w/Rigotti. All the hype goes to their other reeds. IMHO the Queens reed plays better than the Rigotti Jazz and the Boston Sax Shop Reed.

    For me then BSS reeds are either to soft in a 2 or much to hard in a 2.5. Why don’t you try them and give us your opinion Jay.

    1. I’ll check them out thanks for the suggestion. They have a new reed coming out which is called Wild. It’s basically all the rejects that were visually not acceptable but still playable.

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