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Check out the bonus content below to learn more about your Classic mouthpiece, along with some tips to get you started and keep it in great condition.

Mouthpiece Academy

Watch the videos below for tips on mouthpiece and reed setup, embouchure and sound production, and learn more about the anatomy of saxophone mouthpieces. 

Common Mouthpiece Mistakes to Avoid

Not Swabbing After Use

Not swabbing your mouthpiece will result in deposits of gunk that hardens over time & is difficult to remove. It's not only unhygienic but it can also alter how the mouthpiece plays by adding material to the interior.

Leaving Your Mouthpiece on the Neck After Playing

This means that not only has it not been swabbed, but the moisture is going to sit on the neck cork which over time will result in the cork becoming brittle. It will also cause the cork to compress which will result in a less optimal fit.

Forcing a Tight-Fitting Mouthpiece on Attached Neck

The neck tenon is a weak point, & we want to avoid putting any unnecessary pressure on it. The neck itself can also be prone to bending, so if you have a tight-fitting mouthpiece, always put it on the neck first before attaching the neck to the body.

Follow these Best Practices Every Time You Play

Avoid these common mistakes by following these tips to keep your mouthpiece in great condition while keeping it's value for years to come.

Catch these tips, plus a few extras, in the below video:


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