Eric Alexander

22 Minor Key Explorations

In this follow up to 21 Major Key Explorations, Eric Alexander clarifies one of the most common misconceptions for students of jazz and improvisation. Learning to distinguish when to use the tonic minor sound versus a ii-7 dorian sound would be well worth the investment on its own, but Eric doesn’t stop there.

In the accompanying video lessons, once again, Eric delivers his unique, direct and straight to the point teaching style. Students will come away with a deeper understanding of how to improvise in minor tonalities, a bounty of pertinent vocabulary and additional pearls of wisdom direct from the source.

Experience the

New Generation of Jazz Education

At Better Sax we remain committed to using today’s technology to provide you with the an optimized learning experience. We only wish this content was available years ago!

Eric Alexander

With over 40 albums as a leader and more than 120 as a sideman, Eric Alexander is one of the top recording artists in jazz over the past 30 years. As a world renowned jazz music educator Eric communicates the lessons and tradition learned from the many masters he has studied and performed alongside.

What You Get

List of Minor Key Templates

Online Video Course

Each Minor Jazz Language Template has an accompanying video lesson. Eric explains the orgins of the vocabulary, where he likes to use it and how it functions harmonically.

Digital Download Book

Each Minor Jazz Language Template written in all 12 keys plus a transcription of Eric’s solo utilizing each piece of language in context

Physical print copies (pictured) available at checkout as well.

Audio Recordings

Audio recordings are provided for each Minor Jazz Language Template played on both alto and tenor saxophone.

There is also a recording of Eric’s solo implementing the templates in context.

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Absolutely yes! The content in this course can be played on any instrument.

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