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Burnin mouthpiece

Better Sax Burnin Alto Sax Mouthpiece

Lance Clark

Jay, I  use a Burnin’ sax mouthpiece for my Better Sax alto… and love it.  Best blowing and sounding combination I’ve ever played.

Bill Lewis

I received my 7* tenor mouthpiece about three weeks ago.  I’m playing exclusively on my Burnin’ alto piece and am loving it. On tenor, I’ve been playing all metal mouthpieces …

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Robert Hoffman

Jay, I just received my BetterSax Burnin’ Tenor mouthpiece (7*) and I don’t want to stop playing! It’s fabulous. I like it so much that I’m ordering the Burnin’ alto …

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Rickey Turner

Hello Jay. WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! Received my Burnin’ alto mouthpiece this week and what a pleasure!  It is so responsive and it is giving me much pleasure in playing.  I …

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William Prince

“To my fellow alto sax players… please do yourself a favor and grab this BURNIN’ mouthpiece. Make sure you pick up the ring ligature (amazing response with it). This free-blowing …

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