Eric Alexander

Double Diminished Dominance

The EASIEST way to sound hip and modern while improvising over jazz harmony.

Double Diminished Dominance (1920 x 1080 px) (4)

Construct Quality Solos using:

Double Diminished Dominance

“If I had to choose just ONE harmonic concept to practice for the rest of my life, it would be the Double Diminished Scale!

– Eric Alexander

What You Get in this course

Why Does The Double Diminished Concept Work So Well?

If I were forced to pick one harmonic concept to practice for the rest of my life that would enable me to stay hip and play most of the altered or expansive type sounds in modern jazz, it would be the double diminished scale.

And oddly, it’s one of the easiest things to wrap your brain, your ear and your fingers around.  I can construct quality solos with this limited amount of information because it’s easily manipulated and disguised, it’s mathematically pure and it sounds new, yet familiar at the same time.

– Eric Alexander

Online Video Course

Study with Eric Alexander in HD video lessons from the comfort of your own practice room. It’s as if you were in a live masterclass but can rewatch and review the content as many times as you want or need to. The ultimate learning environment and most effective way to absorb these new concepts.

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Digital PDF Book

Beautifully laid out PDF workbook to follow along with while going through the video course. 

Learn the harmonic concepts of the double diminished scale and melodic ideas that Eric teaches in the course.

Eric’s solos are transcribed and presented for alto, tenor and concert key instruments. 

Each melodic idea is transposed into all 12 keys.

Audio Recordings

Eric’s improvised solos demonstrating use of the double diminished concept in context are recorded for you to listen to, play along with and study.

Backing tracks are also provided for you to practice the solos as well as the melodic ideas.

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Take Your Playing to the Next Level

Praise for Eric Alexander's Teaching...

Eric Alexander is a brilliant musician and a gifted educator. Eric dissecting and explaining the diminished scale , patterns and applications is a must see and hear event.
Vincent Herring
Recording Artist
Eric is an excellent and accomplished saxophonist. His insights and techniques are an invaluable asset to any aspiring musician.
Brandford Marsalis
Recording Artist
Eric has always been a source of information, insight and inspiration to me. He’s one of the best teachers I ever had especially because of his sharp ability to decode complicated musical problems and present them to his students in a clear and practical way
Sam Dillon
Recording Artist
Eric is one of the best tenor players in the world. Studying with him has helped me tremendously in terms of my development.
Brandon Suarez
Student of Eric Alexander


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