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Your Membership Includes:

Video Lessons

Access hours and hours of video lessons grouped into units. Each unit is like a mini course of study material based on different songs in the standard repertoire.

Live Streams

Every month the Studio community gets together for livestreams with our instructors. We run through guided practice sessions, answer questions, and further explore the content.

Personalized Feedback

Submit recordings of your own playing for feedback. Jay Metcalf will leave you video feedback and guide you along your path to improvement.

Awesome Community

Our favorite part! The Studio community is a supportive, diverse and engaged group of saxophonists from all over the world.


PDF Lesson Downloads

Lesson plans are beautifully laid out for you in PDFs for each unit. These are transposed for Eb, Bb and concert key instruments.

Huge Lesson Library

Access all previous lesson units. Always have something new to work on. Reference topics you may have missed or need refreshing.

New Content Monthly

Every month a new unit gets uploaded to the Studio. New video lessons, new pdf and audio track downloads, new assignments.

Audio Files

All material is demonstrated in audio recordings that can be streamed or downloaded. Everything is recorded on alto and tenor saxophone too!

Have Questions?

Yes! When you sign up for the BetterSax Studio you will get access to all content from previous Studio units.

It’s easy to share recordings or video to be reviewed by instructors. We recommend using YouTube for video and Soundcloud for audio. Both are free. Once you have uploaded your recorded content to one of those sites you simply copy and paste the URL link inside the BetterSax Studio to start getting feedback.

Recording Submissions are NOT a requirement. One of the best parts about the BetterSax Studio is that members not only learn from the instructors, but also from each other. Student recordings that get submitted to the Studio will be visible by all members and so will the teacher’s feedback. While this is an ideal situation for learning, we understand that not everyone is ready to record themselves and have those recordings analyzed by others. 

Anyone who is an intermediate level player is welcome to join. It is recommended that BetterSax Studio members have a basic level of music theory (know a few scales and chords) to be comfortable with the lessons. Going through  the Harmonic Foundation Course will provide the necessary background but is not required. 

No, the BetterSax courses are separate purchases and are not included with the Studio membership.

As soon as your purchase is completed you will receive a confirmation email. Please check junk and spam folders for this if you don’t see it right away. Add to your list of safe senders, to ensure delivery of all important emails.

Follow the instructions in this email to login to the BetterSax Members Area where you will have access to the BetterSax Studio Course.

Yes, absolutely. Cancelling your Studio subscription is easy. You will receive a link on your purchase invoice to your customer hub where you can manage your subscription and billing info at any time. You can also send us a message anytime you want to make a change. You’ll still have access for the remainder of the last month your subscription was active.

As long as your subscription remains active your monthly cost is locked in at the amount you signed up for originally.

No, the BetterSax Studio is for all saxophones. PDF materials are transposed for Eb and Bb instruments.

We recommend that you go through some of the BetterSax courses before joining the Studio. If you already have a background in basic music theory and can play scales and arpeggios on your saxophone you should be up for the challenge though.

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