Rhythmic Pyramid

Adam Larson Rhythmic Pyramid Want to say more with less? Hard time leaving space without sounding strange? Want to play more than just eighth notes in your solos? You’ve come to the right place- dive into the Rhythmic Pyramid to unlock the power of rhythmic diversity and dexterity in your playing! Enroll now Rhythmic pyramid Masterclass “Created through nearly 15 …

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22 Minor Key Explorations

In this follow up to 21 Major Key Explorations, Eric Alexander clarifies one of the most common misconceptions for students of jazz and improvisation. Learning to distinguish when to use the tonic minor sound versus a ii-7 dorian sound would be well worth the investment on its own, but Eric doesn’t stop there.

21 Major Key Explorations

Master saxophonist and world renowned recording artist Eric Alexander is your guide for this exploration of jazz language. Eric shares his knowledge and experience gleaned from having recorded on over 150 albums alongside a host of jazz legends.

Harmonic Foundation

Everything you need to know and practice for the study of improvisation in jazz and other popular music styles.

Blues Language

The musical language of the Blues is present in all styles of popular music. It is essential vocabulary for all improvising musicians. The Licks presented in this course will provide you with indispensable ingredients to build your own solos that sound authentic and communicate with your audience.

Blues Foundation

Build a solid foundation for playing the blues on saxophone. Learn to play Blues Melodies, Licks, and Solos all by ear. Develop your sense of rhythm and take your improvising to the next level.

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