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Groove and Soul Standadards vol 1 Pentatonic Studies

Groove & Soul Standards

The Groove and Soul Standards Volume 1 collection of backing tracks features some of the best (and most played) contemporary repertoire. Students should take note that the melodies to these songs are primarily pentatonic scale based and the improvised solos from the original recordings are often built on a solid foundation of pentatonic scale material and vocabulary.


Intermediate Etudes

A course in how to get the most out of studying jazz etudes. This collection of fun to play etudes composed over standard chord progressions goes along with the first volume of backing tracks from A video lesson accompanies each piece to help students learn jazz language and improvisation techniques.

Melodic Etudes

This collection of written solos based on beloved jazz standards is an improved BetterSax version of the classic etude book. Intermediate players will find these to be fun to play, accessible and just the right level of challenge. In the accompanying video lessons I explain exactly what I’m thinking in every measure.

Harmonic Foundation

Everything you need to know and practice for the study of improvisation in jazz and other popular music styles.

Blues Language

The musical language of the Blues is present in all styles of popular music. It is essential vocabulary for all improvising musicians. The Licks presented in this course will provide you with indispensable ingredients to build your own solos that sound authentic and communicate with your audience.

Blues Foundation

Build a solid foundation for playing the blues on saxophone. Learn to play Blues Melodies, Licks, and Solos all by ear. Develop your sense of rhythm and take your improvising to the next level.

Pentatonic Patterns

Use these pentatonic patterns to develop technique increase your improvisational vocabulary.

Core Essentials

Level up your saxophone playing by learning to practice with efficiency. These exercises will get you playing with better tone, technique and rhythm quickly and bring added value to every practice session for the rest of your saxophone playing life.

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