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What some of our students are saying...

  • Gene Festa
    Gene Festa - I must say I'm impressed. Less than a week and I was able to play along with "don't worry be happy" well mostly. When I joined I didn't know what to expect but it was money well spent. But I have been practicing daily until my lips give out, I have only been playing the Sax for a couple of months and you tutorials are perfect. By the first of the year I will be playing with my very talented friends. All anyone needs to do is follow your instructions. Thanks again!
  • Mark
    Mark - I just wanted to say although I don't really know how this is so effective within a few days my tone and rhythm is so different almost beautiful. I have been playing for around 14 months, I am happy to put in 2 or 3 hours a day but playing without music is a weakness of mine. I feel that the way this course moves forward in so many areas it's subliminal, plus a bonus I finally mastered the circle of fifths or at least felt I had reason to. Looking forward to starting the patterns book. Once again thank you for a brilliant tool.
  • Stephan
    Stephan - I always enjoy practicing. Now I absolutely love it. I told my instructor you have created a monster. Now that I'm getting the hang of it...
  • John
    John - Bravo! This is much needed information, presented as it should be. Your production value in these videos is very good, very professional. I agree with what you're saying in this video because, like many, I've been there too. Thanks.
  • Denver
    Denver - I have been viewing  one by one the videos in your Pentatonic Foundation course and I am absolutely AMAZED at how the Pentatonic Scale works and what can be done with it.  My only problem is that I can’t learn the lessons fast enough.  I am dumbfounded that all this music can be produced from 5 notes.
  • Judith Blakey
    Judith Blakey - This is the best instruction on learning pentatonic scales and beginning improvisation I have come across so far! Your method is also good for improving finger agility on an instrument, too. I'm learning how to play jazz recorder I and will be using your method here. Thanks for sharing! You're a great teacher!
  • Lonnie
    Lonnie -

    I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for putting together your course. I live up in Bethel, Alaska and there are no saxophone instructors up here. I was very excited to come across your website. Knowing what to practice how to warm up has been extremely helpful and I will definitely be continuing forward using your methods and instruction.


    Thank you again sir for all the hard work and effort you have put into your courses.

Backing Track Example

Pentatonic Patterns for Improvisation

eBook and 12 Backing Track MP3s

  • Develop technique to play more interesting phrases
  • Add Contemporary Musical Language to your playing
  • Expand your Musical Vocabulary
  • Improve your rhythmic feel
  • Play Better Solos
  • No Need For Sheet Music
  • Master the more difficult keys

This collection of 60 + patterns are designed to help you further develop your pentatonic scale vocabulary. The idea is to get you practicing the things that will get your solos to sound more like what you hear on contemporary recordings by professional studio musicians.

The 12 backing tracks allow you to work out this material in all keys. Each backing track is designed to work for one major/minor key center or pentatonic scale combination so you can really let loose and get comfortable soloing in each key.

Follow the instructions in the pdf guide which lay out a plan of attack for learning this material over time.

Buy Now $29
  • 60 + Patterns

    Ranging in difficulty from easy to advanced.

  • Downloadable Backing Tracks

    MP3 Backing Tracks in all 12 keys to stream directly from the site, or download to any device

  • eBook

    teaches you how to practice the patterns, and pentatonic scale music theory

  • Money Back Gaurantee

    30 days to try out risk free

  • Mobile Device Supported

    View the book on your computer, tablet or even mobile phone. MP3 files play on any device.

  • Help and Support

    If you have a question, or something is not working for you, just drop us a line and we’ll get back to you right away.

Pentatonic Patterns for Improvisation

eBook and 12 Backing Track MP3s

Buy Now $29