BetterSax Deluxe Wooden Reed Case


Choose small for 6 alto/soprano/clarinet reeds.

Choose large for 8 tenor/baritone/bass clarinet reeds.


Our handmade wooden reed cases protect your reeds in style with a unique sliding, magnetic clasp. Designed to maintain optimum humidity.

Magnetic – These cases close tightly with magnets. Easy to open without ever opening accidentally.

Ventilated – No more moldy reeds! The right amount of ventilation maintains proper humidity for your reeds.

2 Tones of Walnut – Choose from a light colored case with a dark stripe or dark colored case with light stripe.

Available in 2 Sizes – Choose from 6 alto sax/soprano sax/clarinet reeds or 8 tenor sax/baritone sax/bass clarinet reeds.

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