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BetterSax Dual Swab Kit


The last 2 saxophone swabs you’ll ever need for your instrument. The most essential accessory for maintaining your instrument’s playing condition and value.


Set of 2 micro-fiber saxophone swabs. One for the body and another for the neck and mouthpiece.

The alto set will work with any model alto saxophone and the tenor kit will work with any model tenor saxophone.

Swabbing out your saxophone after each playing session is essential maintenance. Here’s a list of what happens when you don’t swab your horn:

  • your saxophone’s pads will not last as long
  • your instrument will need adjusting more often to stay in good playing condition
  • your instrument will likely develop undesirable odors from mold and bacteria
  • your instrument case will also likely develop mold and mildew
  • your mouthpiece will accumulate a build up of residue which will diminish its playing performance
  • your instrument will not hold its value as well

These are the last 2 swabs you’ll ever need for your saxophone. It’s essential to use one swab for the saxophone body and another for the neck and mouthpiece. These swabs are designed to pass smoothly through your instrument while removing the maximum amount of moisture. The weighted cords have the ideal balance of weight and length to make your swabbing a breeze. The weights are split into 2 sections to make it even easier to get through the bow and neck curves.

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