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Geeklet + Plaque & Gauge Bundle


ReedGeek Geeklet

Cute Name, Serious Results

The Geeklet is my number 1 accessory. I use it on every single reed I play before every playing session. This tool has improved the quality of every practice session, recording and performance since I've been using it and that's why I'm so glad to be able to offer an exclusive limited edition version of this tool to BetterSax subscribers and fans.

Plaque and Gauge Set

The Plaque Set allows you to measure and locate mouthpiece facing length and note the exact position for reed adjustment.


The Geeklet is an evolution of the original ReedGeek.

First, the price makes it much more accessible for many players. At the cost of 2 boxes of reeds, the Geeklet will pay for itself within a couple of months by increasing the number of reeds in a box that are good and great while extending the life of all your reeds.  After that, you’ll get years of savings on reeds and better performance.

My first ReedGeek is still as sharp today as it was years ago when I first bought it. The Geeklet is even sharper though thanks to a specially coated alloy. While I love the original ReedGeek, the Geeklet has taken reed adjustment to another level.

The new design has a shorter blade attached to a grip which allows us more control and comfort when profiling reeds. The result is a cost reduction and performance improvement at the same time. Brilliant!

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Plaque and Gauge Set

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