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Essential Jazz Repertoire Vol 2

Melodic Etudes

This collection of written solos based on beloved jazz standards is an improved BetterSax version of the classic etude book. Intermediate players will find these to be fun to play, accessible and just the right level of challenge. In the accompanying video lessons I explain exactly what I’m thinking in every measure. Students will come away with a much better understanding of how effective jazz solos are crafted enabling them to level up their own playing.

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New and Improved

Jazz Etudes

“I created the book of etudes for you that I wish I had when I was learning how to play jazz.”

– Jay Metcalf


Good solos are all about strong melody. Developing improvisors often feel like their solos are disconnected or random. Playing more melodically allows us to connect with listeners.

Solo Construction

There is a method to building effective solos. It is not finger wiggling or divine inspiration. In the video lessons, I break down exactly what I’m thinking in each measure.

Not Too Hip

While there are many great jazz etude books out there, they can get a bit too complex for some students’ liking. I composed these etudes with my typical student in mind. Someone probably a lot like YOU.

Goldilocks Zone

Finding the right balance between accessability and challage is key. These etudes are readable for most intermediate students with just the right amount of challenge. It won’t take forever to learn how to play them, but it won’t be too easy either.

What You Get in this course

Etudes Based on Essential Jazz Repertoire

These Melodic Etudes are based on some of the most essential jazz standard repertoire. Knowing these tunes and their chord progressions is key to developing as an improviser and learning how to play over chord changes. The etudes are composed to sound like well constructed (yet improvised) solos. This is a goal we would all like to acheive. Making our improvised solos sound as though we wrote them!

Online Video Course

Each etude has an in-depth video lesson. Here, Jay guides students through his thought process in each measure. Why note choices are made, what makes things sound good to listeners, how to construct effective solos. The art of jazz improvisation can certainly sound magical, but it’s something all musicians can learn to do.

These can be viewed on all devices wherever you are.

“It’s not magic. There’s a system that works, and I want to share it with you.”Jay Metcalf

Digital and Physical Book

Some publishers make you purchase separate versions for each transposition. BetterSax books always include parts for Eb, Bb and concert key instruments.

You also have the option to add a beautiful print version of the book to your order. If you’re like us, you prefer reading music from a real book when possible.

Audio Recordings

Listen and practice along to recordings of each etude played over the original BetterTrax.com backing track accompaniment.

We’ve also included backing tracks without the saxophone part for you to practice along with.

All online course purchases on BetterSax.com are risk free. If you don’t learn and benefit from our courses, we don’t want your money. Because we put so much time and work into our products, most customers just want to enroll in more. However, if you find that the content is not right for you, just get in touch to request a no hassle, no questions asked refund.

Take Your Playing to the Next Level


You should begin by watching these free videos and by signing up for my free Play Sax by Ear Crash Course. Once you have completed that material, you you will be ready to take my Pentatonic Foundation Course.

Yes! The videos can be viewed on any device as long as you are connected to the internet. They are streamed from a private server in High Definition and can be watched an unlimited number of times. The PDF can be downloaded for offline use.
No. There is not yet a DVD version of this course.

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No, the this course is for all instruments. The demonstrations are all done on alto saxophone, but the student can play all of the etudes on any instrument.
Absolutely yes! The etudes in this course can be played on any instrument.
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