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Each month we will explore new territory in the world of improvisation. There is so much to learn, but focusing on one element at at time rather than trying to absorb it all at once is our proven approach for success. Don’t let the vast amount of information overwhelm you. By breaking things down into manageable chunks students make more progress faster.

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LIVEWorkshops and Q+A

Join us for regular live studio classes where members can ask questions in real time. Connecting in this way is an essential part of our saxophone community. Get together with your instructors and peers online from the comfort of your home.


April 2021

The ii – V – I Progression

The most basic harmonic building block in jazz standards and also other music styles. In this unit we study the ii –  V – I chord progression and take some exercises and licks through all 12 keys. Let’s develop our jazz vocabulary and ability to play in all keys.

April 2021

May 2021


An all time favorite song, we are using Misty as our vehicle for studying common harmonic progressions in jazz standards, applying and practicing guide tone lines, developing our jazz vocabulary, and improvising.

May 2021

June 2021

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves is a must know standard and a great opportunity to study the minor ii – V – progression. We will be diving into how to approach improvising effectively in minor keys.

June 2021

July 2021

Dig Dis

We are diving into the process of transcribing this month and using the Hank Mobley tune Dig Dis as the launching pad.

Develop your ability to play back on your instrument the sounds you hear on recordings. This will boost your musicianship more than any other skill!

July 2021

August 2021

Song for My Father

We will be looking at soloing over a simple harmonic structure this month. Pentatonic and blues language mixed with making the changes. Focus on time feel.

August 2021

September 2021

Take the A Train

Learn about using the #11 chord extension in the Billy Strayhorn classic standard.

September 2021

October 2021

Coming Soon

We will be announcing the this month’s topic soon. Check back.

October 2021

Have Questions?

Yes! When you sign up for the BetterSax Studio you will get access to all content from previous Studio units.

It’s easy to share recordings or video to be reviewed by instructors. We recommend using YouTube for video and Soundcloud for audio. Both are free. Once you have uploaded your recorded content to one of those sites you simply copy and paste the URL link inside the BetterSax Studio to start getting feedback.

Recording Submissions are NOT a requirement. One of the best parts about the BetterSax Studio is that members not only learn from the instructors, but also from each other. Student recordings that get submitted to the Studio will be visible by all members and so will the teacher’s feedback. While this is an ideal situation for learning, we understand that not everyone is ready to record themselves and have those recordings analyzed by others. 

BetterSax Studio members should have a basic level of music theory to be comfortable with the lessons. We recommend that students have gone through the Harmonic Foundation Course to have the necessary background. 

No, the BetterSax courses are separate purchases and are not included with the Studio membership.

As soon as your purchase is completed you will receive a confirmation email. Please check junk and spam folders for this if you don’t see it right away. Add to your list of safe senders, to ensure delivery of all important emails.

Follow the instructions in this email to login to the BetterSax Members Area where you will have access to the BetterSax Studio Course.

Yes, absolutely. Cancelling your Studio subscription is easy. Just send us a message wen you want to cancel and your monthly billing will stop. You’ll still have access for the remainder of the last month your subscription was active.

As long as your subscription remains active your monthly cost is locked in at the amount you signed up for originally.

No, the BetterSax Studio is for all saxophones. PDF materials are transposed for Eb and Bb instruments.

We recommend that you go through some of the BetterSax courses before joining the Studio. The study material assumes that you already have knowledge of the contents of those courses.

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