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Play Sax By Ear - Crash Course

Eb Instruments

PSBE Lesson 2

Solid Time

Welcome Back!

I’m glad you made it for lesson 2 of PSBE.

Before we begin, get your saxophone out and warm up by playing through the pentatonic scale we learned and memorized in lesson 1.

If you need a refresh on the previous lesson you can view it here:

PSBE – Lesson 1 (Eb Instruments)

When you’re ready, watch the video below…

Lesson 2 Recap


I’ve created a click track at 70 bpm for those of you that don’t have a metronome yet. This is only a temporary tool. A metronome is absolutely essential for all musicians.

Metronome App

I highly recommend this app. It’s a metronome and tuner and is amazing for only $4!

Much better value and functionality than any physical metronome or tuner that you can buy.

Get this app and you’re sorted!

 TonalEnergy Chromatic Tuner and Metronome – Sonosaurus LLC

The Next Lesson

Can only be accessed using the link in the email you will receive tomorrow, so look out for it in your inbox, and if you haven’t done so already, add to your list of contacts or whitelist my email address.

Just because you received an email from me already does not mean that future emails won’t go into spam or junk mail.

PSBE Lesson 2 Assignment

Extra Challenge:

If you have more time and want to work on some more stuff before you get the link to tomorrow’s lesson, here’s a bonus assignment for extra credit.

Can't Wait?

If you really can’t wait, and want to dive in and get all of my training on how to learn to play melodies by ear and improvise great solos using only the 5 notes of the pentatonic scale you can always jump ahead of the line and order the full Pentatonic Foundation Course here.

image of Pentatonic Foundation Saxophone Course - Learn to play sax by ear and improvise solos

Pentatonic Foundation

Learn to play melodies by ear and improvise solos using the 5 notes of the pentatonic scale.

Blues Foundation

Develop your ability to play improvised solos using the Blues style and language.

Get More Free Sax Content Here:

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