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PSBE Lesson 5

Advanced Ear Training

Welcome Back

Today’s lesson is an essential step in your journey to improvise solid solos.

AET stands for Advanced Ear Training, but don’t worry, if you’ve kept up with your assignments so far, your ears and fingers should be ready for this “advanced” exercise.

Before we begin, I want you to warm up by playing PE1 a few times with the metronome at a comfortable tempo.

In today’s video, I’m going to play a simple musical phrase over the Oh Susanna backing track accompaniment.

I will only use notes from the pentatonic scale that is now part of your mind, body and soul.

You will then repeat back exactly what you heard me play in the space that follows.

Feel free to play through this video over and over again to improve your ability to play back what you just heard.

When improvising, we are doing exactly that, except the phrase you hear is coming out of your head.

Our goal as improvisors is to be able to make what we hear in our head come out of our instrument.

This AET exercise is the best way to improve this essential skill. In the full Pentatonic Foundation Course, there are 3 other AET lessons like this one that get progressively more advanced.

Understanding Song Form is essential. This is the first thing you must know about a song when learning it.

The diagram above explains in detail the song form of Oh Susanna.

Other songs will have different forms, but the concepts remain constant.

The Next Lesson

So far in our PSBE Crash Course, we have briefly covered the steps in the most effective method for learning how to play popular melodies by ear and improvise solos.

In Lesson 6 I’ve got a treat for you as well as some tips that will make all the solos you play from this day forward sound better.

See you then…

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PSBE Lesson 5 Assignment

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