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Saxophone lesson downloads

free saxophone lesson downloads. pdf mp3

3 thoughts on “BETTERSAX Shed”

  1. Hey Jay, hope your well and safe, love ? your site,
    Can you tell me where you get the passages that you play when comparing mouthpieces or microphones and stuff ? I think they sound great.
    I can read music to a certain level , would love some manuscript of neat passages so as when I do pick up the Sax I can relate to playing some memorised stuff as apposed to just running up and down a few scales and arpeggios!
    Much love Rob

  2. II am in my 70’s, just started on my new saxophone. I ‘be been watching some of your online lessons for about a month.
    I have previous vocal , and instrumental experience (a few decades ago) , but no reed instrument experience. I am learning quickly , but need more qualified lessons in playing the tenor saxophone.

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