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Jay Metcalf with Burnin alto sax mouthpiece

The BURNIN’ mouthpiece delivers a powerful alto sound while retaining a rich depth. Its sound can be edgy or smooth, powerful or gentle and always easy to control. These are exactly the characteristics I have been looking for in an alto mouthpiece that can be used in every playing situation I find myself in.

The steep roll-over baffle helps provide the power while the large chamber provides the sonic balance. Precise and immaculate tip, facing, table and side rails guarantee optimum performance and consistency with a wide variety of reeds.

The BURNIN’ mouthpiece was designed with professional level standards in mind but still makes a fantastic choice for developing saxophonists looking to upgrade from their student mouthpiece.

Versatility is a top priority for me when choosing a mouthpiece. I play a wide range of styles and I want one mouthpiece that can do it all. It’s got to be able to play whisper soft and screaming loud on the same reed. It has to be easy to control at all volume levels and produce a beautiful sound across the entire range of the saxophone. Altissimo needs to speak with ease. Intonation needs to be spot on. It has to be reed friendly (meaning it has to have a perfect facing, tip, rails and table).

The BetterSax BURNIN’ alto mouthpiece is all of those things and I invite you to discover why I love it so much.

I am extremely proud to be able to offer such a high quality mouthpiece that represents my personal sound concept so well. It’s amazing how perfectly the final design matched my hopes and expectations and I am loving every single note that comes out of it. This is in large part thanks to my partner Jody Espina of JodyJazz who did the development work that brought my concept for the BURNIN’ mouthpiece to life. I am honored and humbled that my favorite mouthpiece maker wanted to work together with me on this project putting so much time and effort into the design. The result represents their commitment to making the best mouthpieces available anywhere. Collapse

Jay Metcalf

Founder BetterSax

Jay Metcalf’s BURNIN’ mouthpiece is a revelation.

I don’t play alto often and in fact I have shied away from it for years because it was too hard to make the transition from tenor.

The fact that i could put Jay’s mouthpiece on my alto, slap a reed on and get a great sound with flexibility right away was spectacular.

I recommend it very highly and I’m sure those who try it will be equally enthusiastic.

Eric Alexander

Jazz Saxophonist and Recording Artist

Jody Espina Profile

I’m very proud of the BetterSax, BURNIN‘ Saxophone Mouthpiece because I believe that we created exactly what Jay asked for. A very free-blowing classic Hard Rubber Jazz Mouthpiece with a nice amount of Brightness. Jay’s design ideas, a prominent rollover baffle into a deep chamber, worked beautifully making the BURNIN‘ mouthpiece one of the all-time great mouthpieces. I’m also extremely proud of the JodyJazz crew here at the factory for producing a mouthpiece that combines state-of-the-art technology with detailed hand-work to create an amazingly consistent mouthpiece.  I’ve personally play-tested each and every one of them and I can assure you that they are all extremely consistent, play really great and are a perfect representation of Jay’s original vision.

Jody Espina

Founder JodyJazz Mouthpieces

Probably the best alto mouthpiece I’ve ever played.

The 6 tip opening is perfect for me.

George Coleman

Saxophone Legend and NEA Jazz Master

I really enjoy playing on this mouthpiece. There’s a warmth and huskiness to the sound but also a brightness with some added air. Versatile over the entire range of the saxophone. Jay hit the nail on the head with this one.

Jim Cheek


Better Sax Burnin Alto Sax Mouthpiece

Roll-over baffle

This baffle design gives the BURNIN' mouthpiece power, projection and a degree of brightness for a sound that stands out when you want it to.

Large Chamber

The deep chamber balances out the steep baffle giving the BURNIN' mouthpiece a lush warmth and sonic depth. This combination creates a complex and beautiful tone.

Straight Side Walls

Free blowing and focused sound with lots of core.

Made in USA

Manufactured in Savannah, Georgia by Jody Jazz.

Hand Finished

Expert hand finishing combined with state of the art CNC machining result in the highest quality and most consistent mouthpieces available anywhere.

Premium Hard Rubber

Genuine proprietary Jody Jazz hard rubber for the look, feel and sound of great vintage mouthpieces.

Better Sax Burnin Alto Sax Mouthpiece
better sax burnin alto saxophone mouthpiece table

Medium facing curve

Reed friendly and easy to play. Each of the 3 available tip openings (5, 6, 7) were meticulously designed and all play like champs!

thin tip and side rails

The precision and attention of detail to these elements are key to any great playing mouthpiece.

matte finish exterior

Along with the finely sculpted and hand painted logo, the BURNIN' mouthpiece comes in a beautiful matte finish.

We Recommend...

JodyJazz Power Ring Ligature & Cap

24kt gold plated brass ring with no moving parts allowing the most freedom and vibration of the reed which in turn also increases the amount of harmonics present, allowing the fullest saxophone sound containing high, mid and low frequencies.

Can be added at checkout

Tick the box on the checkout page to have the Power Ring Ligature and Cap kit added to your order for an additional $99.

Better Sax Burnin Alto Sax Mouthpiece

$249 (FREE Shipping to US)

Choosing a Tip Opening

The most common question we receive is “which tip opening should I get?” If you are asking this question the answer is probably to choose the 5 tip opening. Watch this video for an in depth explanation of everything you need to know about saxophone mouthpiece tip openings.

International Orders?

You can order the Burnin' alto sax mouthpiece from our friends at

Listen to the Better Sax BURNIN' Alto Mouthpiece

Have Questions?

At present, the BetterSax Burnin’ mouthpiece will only be available to ship to US addresses. We plan to expand to the EU, Canada and other areas soon. Click here to get notified when you can order internationally.

Right now there is only the alto model available but we are working on a BURNIN’ tenor mouthpiece next.

For a full refund the mouthpiece must be returned to us within three weeks of the day that we ship it. That means you need to leave time for the mouthpiece to travel back to us within three weeks. In the event of a return you will be charged $8.50 for shipping, if you received free shipping. If you paid for expedited shipping we will refund the price of the mouthpiece only. When returning mouthpieces please ship using insured mail and ensure that all accessories and original paperwork are included.

Restocking Fees:
If the returned mouthpiece is scratched, marked or defective in any way, you will be charged a 20% refurbishment and restocking fee. The returned mouthpiece will be thoroughly inspected by our quality team and if any scratches or blemishes are found, however small, the restocking fee will be charged. There are no exceptions to the restocking fee policy. So please be ultra-careful of the mouthpiece during the trial period. Gold and Silver-plated metal mouthpieces can scratch very easily, but so can hard rubber and polycarbonate. Metal ligatures will almost certainly cause scratches, as can many types of synthetic reed, so our advice is not to use either during the trial period. We think that it is a privilege to be able to have a free trial of a mouthpiece of this caliber and we expect that our customers will be extremely careful during the trial process.

If you aren’t sure what tip opening you play, we recommend you order a 5. This will be the easiest to play and ideal for anyone stepping up to their first jazz mouthpiece. All available tip openings offer the same sound quality and consistency. Watch my video above if you want to learn more about tip openings.

This will depend on demand. Send us a message if you would like to request a larger tip opening.

The BURNIN’ mouthpiece makes for an excellent mouthpiece upgrade for anyone who has been playing the saxophone for a while and is looking to get a top quality mouthpiece that is perfectly suitable for advanced beginners up to professional players. We recommend most anyone stepping up to their first jazz mouthpiece select the 5 tip opening.

5 = .072

6 = .078

7 = .083

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