Ultimate Reed Case

These handmade wooden cases are beautiful and provide optimal storage for your saxophone and clarinet reeds.


These cases close tightly with magnets. Easy to open without every opening accidentally.


No more moldy reeds! The right amount of ventilation maintains proper humidity.

2 tones of walnut

Choose from a light shade case with a dark stripe or dark case with light stripe.

available in 2 sizes

Choose from 6 alto/soprano or clarinet reeds or 8 tenor/baritone sax reeds.

“It is my intention to work these reed cases in the same way as when
a violin or a guitar is made. All the processes are done manually. The
materials and tools used for their confection are the same as the
ones used to make musical instruments.”

Carlos Lebaggi


Made by Hand in Argentina

Polished Exterior

The exteriors are hand polished and coated with six layers of polyurethane paint for a scratch resistant surface

Solid Interior

The interiors are made of high-impact plastic injection. Your reeds are held firmly in place for maximum protection.

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