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Bill Lewis

I received my 7* tenor mouthpiece about three weeks ago.  I’m playing exclusively on my Burnin’ alto piece and am loving it.

On tenor, I’ve been playing all metal mouthpieces for four decades, but have been experimenting with rubber on tenor for the past year.
It’s taken a while to find the ideal reed for my new Burnin’ piece, but I’ve now found it.  I had to go a little firmer on the reed than I normally play, but now I can get a nice indoor Link tone and volume with it, and can get a funkier sound with some edge when I need it.

I can see playing this new Burnin’ tenor piece full-time, for sure.

Congratulations again to you and Jody on another great mouthpiece.  I really do think these are going to be the vintage pieces of the future.  I knew Ron Coehlo very well (RPC), and have worked with Phil Barone on my tenor set-up over the years.  You guys are really killing it!

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