Elizabeth Kaufman – Better Sax

Elizabeth Kaufman

Just finished an hour on my new BetterSax alto. I’m a beginner using an AP3 and 2.5 Boston sax reed on this instrument.

I couldn’t be more pleased.
Played perfectly out of the box.
Very nice sound and the intonation was good.
Good key ergonomics. I’ll need to lower the thumb rest, and I’m happy it’s adjustable.
I like the pinky key set up.
This doesn’t look or feel like a ‘student’ instrument and I’m looking forward to taking it on vacation with me.

I gave away my JeanPaul to a friends grandson but regretted not having a ‘travel’ sax. So, I took a gamble on the BetterSax, money well spent.
Well done! And many thanks!

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