Tim says:

Did you have to special order the unlaquered 02 tenor or is there a store that stocks them?
Thanks. I enjoy your channel.

Jay Metcalf says:

This was in stock at a dealer, but they are very difficult to come by these days.Best bet is probably going to be to order one through your local dealer.


And what would be the approximative price if this horn. Could you describe it and give me your opinion about this horn ? And if it is too expensive, do you know some new horns that have the same kind of “vintage” old horn with some sort of corrosion on it, and is also of course a great horn too (because even if it plays well the look is important for me too, and I know there are some awesome lacquer horns but I’d prefer to have an original one).
I’d love if you answer to my message, but I know you have other things to do, so if you do answer thanks a lot Jay!!

Jay Metcalf says:

The cost will be determined by the dealer you purchase from. There are many other new horns that have a vintage look. check out P Mauriat for example, they cost a bit less.

Christian Rakob says:

Hi Jay.
i love your unlaquered yani. So i ordered one myself. 🙂

I’m admiring the very nice “patina” on yours. It looks quite even though. Has that developed or was there some kind of treatment before assembly ?

best regards

Jay Metcalf says:

These are treated before they go out, so when you receive it, the horn looks pristine. The patina happens pretty quick all on it’s own. I recommend wiping off excess moisture in the beginning though.

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