BetterSax Tenor Sax Jazz Cut Reeds – Box of 5


It took years to get exactly what we wanted, but the wait was worth it! Now saxophone players can have great playing reeds perfect for all popular music styles that are made from premium, organically sourced, French cane. Our Jazz Cut reeds deliver long-lasting consistency in a planet friendly package. We have eliminated plastic sleeves and cellophane wrap from our packaging and hope that the entire industry follows suit.


This is a project that we’ve been working on for years. There are lots of great cane reeds out there so it’s not easy to improve on those and offer something really new and different. So it took a long time, but we finally got there and the final result has totally surpassed our expectations.

First and foremost, these BetterSax Jazz Cut Reeds play amazingly, just like with mouthpieces we prefer a design that feels at home in a variety of styles.

We call these jazz cut reeds but that’s a very broad term meaning: reeds that are great for all popular styles of music where you want a nice balance between low medium and high frequencies coming out across the full range of the instrument.

This is a proprietary cut meaning that you can’t get this same reed profile in any other box of reeds, it is truly a unique and new design, not just new packaging.

Speaking of packaging, the main reason we wanted to develop the ideal saxophone reed was so that we could play great reeds everyday, and never again have to waste those stupid single use plastic reed holders.

It is actually crazy that people are still packaging reeds in those things. We are literally throwing 10s of millions of those into the garbage every year.

BetterSax reeds come in cardboard sleeves, the boxes are cardboard and we don’t wrap them in cellophane, because it’s entirely unnecessary and wasteful.

It’s time that the saxophone community insists that we end the single use plastic reed sleeve now. If your favorite reed brand is still using plastic in their packaging and that bothers you, you can send them a message, and buy reeds that don’t until they change.

Our reeds come from French cane growing in the south of France and we developed them with Marca, a family owned business that has been making premium reeds for multiple generations.

Extra added bonus, BetterSax Jazz Cut reeds are made with organically sourced cane. It’s another win for the planet and hopefully that’s the direction all other reed manufacturers will go in.


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2 reviews for BetterSax Tenor Sax Jazz Cut Reeds – Box of 5

  1. Lucas (verified owner)

    Each reed in this pack of 5 buzzed like crazy. Reeds are true to their listed strength and are very consistent. They provide warmth and projection at all registers of the horn. Do yourself a favor and try them out!

    • Jay Metcalf

      Lucas, thanks so much for trying the reeds. We are thrilled you dig them!

  2. Gary W. Boyd

    Resilient reeds. Project very eell with an edge. Great quality control makes a difference.

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