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Better performance from every reed. Use all the reeds in a box which saves you money, and use them for longer which saves you even more money. Take control of your reeds so you can enjoy playing more.

Learn a few simple adjustments and transform your relationship with saxophone reeds. The Geeklet can make winners out of reeds you would normally throw away straight out of the box. It makes the good reeds great, the so-so reeds good, and the worst reeds totally useable. No more bad reed days!

Includes detailed instructions.


The Geeklet literally changed everything for me when it comes to reeds. It is so easy to use and can make every reed play significantly better. Learning a few simple adjustments makes playing the saxophone so much easier and more enjoyable.

Here are the main ways to use the Geeklet to improve performance of your reeds:

  1. Flatten the table. In a matter of seconds you can make any reed table perfectly flat. Reeds are made of wood and there will always be some level of warpage each time they get wet then dry. When the reed table is warped, it won’t seal as well with the mouthpiece resulting in sub-optimal performance. We have all experienced what this feels like, and either you just play on a dead sounding reed or you chuck it and use a new one. This simple adjustment will extend the life of every single reed significantly, and greatly improve it’s performance. Flat reed table + flat mouthpiece table = optimal playing conditions.
  2. Balance the wings. The corners of each reed are often out of balance meaning one side is slightly more flexible than the other. When playing the saxophone the best results occur when the reed is vibrating equally and evenly on each side (in balance). It takes a mater of seconds to determine which wing of a reed is less flexible and needs adjustment. Flex each corner in your fingers and hold it up to the light to see if one side is darker than the other. With the Geeklet tool, you can easily balance the wings of any reed which has a major impact on how well it plays for you.
  3. Clear out congestion. Further back from the tip is the heart of the reed. In this area we can improve a reed that plays stuffy or overly dark by simply scraping away some reed fibers. This quick and easy adjustment helps those reeds speak more clearly and vibrate more freely resulting in a much better tone and response.

Get a Geeklet and take back control of your saxophone reeds.

Made in the USA from the highest quality metal alloys. The Geeklet stays sharp for many years, won’t rust and is travel safe. You can take it through airport carry-on security safely.


Nick Ware says:

Hey Jay – Just wanted to say what a brilliant tool the Reedgeek is. I received mine few weeks ago from you (cheaper than buying in the UK) and it has come close to paying for itself already! I had a pile of unusable reeds and after reed geek most are now good reeds to use – thanks

Jay Metcalf says:

Love hearing this!

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