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Drum Genius App for saxophone practice

Coolest App for Sax Practice – Drum Genius

If you’re bored with practicing with a standard metronome click, here’s a fantastic app called Drum Genius. It adds some new dimensions to practicing and it’s become one of my favorite apps.

Drum Genius

This app allows you to practice with a variety of drum loops instead of just a metronome click. By using a drum loop, it can simulate what it might feel like to play in a live situation.

Drum Genius comes has over 400 different drum loops available in a variety of styles.

You could play with an odd meter, create a swing feel, a straight feel, or even some latin, jazz, pop, R&B, or funk.

The app is free to download, plus you can choose 3 free downloads to keep. With the free version, you can preview all of the loops and if you want more, you can upgrade within the app itself.

I’ve had this app since 2016 and it’s fantastic. I have no affiliation with this app, but I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in working on their solo and improvisation skills.

How I Practice with Drum Genius

What’s great about this app is that you can practice just about anything. Whether you’re practicing scales, patterns, arpeggios, or other melodies, these different loops are extremely versatile. You can even change the tempo of each drum loop to better align with whatever you’re practicing.

If you need things to practice, you can also download this PDF of patterns from the BetterSax website.

If you’re ever used Drum Genius, let us know in the comments below what your favorite way is to use this app. Would love to hear how everyone makes the most out of Drum Genius.

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