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Build a solid foundation for playing the blues on saxophone. Learn to play Blues Melodies, Licks, and Solos all by ear. Develop your sense of rhythm and take your improvising to the next level.

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  • I have learned more in these 6 lessons that I did in 2 years with a music teacher
  • I am amazed at being able to start playing by ear, just as you said
  • I wish I had your play by ear method twenty years ago!

What some of our students are saying...

  • Gene Festa
    Gene Festa -

    I must say I'm impressed. Less than a week and I was able to play along with Don't Worry be Happy. When I joined I didn't know what to expect but it was money well spent. But I have been practicing daily until my lips give out, I have only been playing the Sax for a couple of months and you tutorials are perfect. All anyone needs to do is follow your instructions. Thanks again!

  • Mark
    Mark -

    I just wanted to say although I don't really know how this is so effective within a few days my tone and rhythm is so different almost beautiful. I have been playing for around 14 months, I am happy to put in 2 or 3 hours a day but playing without music is a weakness of mine. I feel that the way this course moves forward in so many areas it's subliminal, plus a bonus I finally mastered the circle of fifths or at least felt I had reason to. Looking forward to starting the patterns book. Once again thank you for a brilliant tool.

  • Stephan
    Stephan - I always enjoy practicing. Now I absolutely love it. I told my instructor you have created a monster. Now that I'm getting the hang of it...
  • John
    John - Bravo! This is much needed information, presented as it should be. Your production value in these videos is very good, very professional. I agree with what you're saying in this video because, like many, I've been there too. Thanks.
  • Denver
    Denver -

    I have been viewing  one by one the videos in your Pentatonic Foundation course and I am absolutely AMAZED at how the Pentatonic Scale works and what can be done with it.  My only problem is that I can’t learn the lessons fast enough.  I am dumbfounded that all this music can be produced from 5 notes.

  • Judith Blakey
    Judith Blakey - This is the best instruction on learning pentatonic scales and beginning improvisation I have come across so far! Your method is also good for improving finger agility on an instrument, too. I'm learning how to play jazz recorder I and will be using your method here. Thanks for sharing! You're a great teacher!
  • Lonnie
    Lonnie -

    I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for putting together your course. I live up in Bethel, Alaska and there are no saxophone instructors up here. I was very excited to come across your website. Knowing what to practice how to warm up has been extremely helpful and I will definitely be continuing forward using your methods and instruction. Thank you again sir for all the hard work and effort you have put into your courses.

  • Nancy F.
    Nancy F. -
    Wow, simply amazing. I came across you by searching for something and started using your free sample and I must say: Wow! I didn't want to jump into it without having tried it for a couple of days and I must let you know that improvement has already arrived!
    Thanks so much...
  • Brent Burgeson
    Brent Burgeson -
    Thank you.
    I want to tell you I am really enjoying your courses. I'm actually learning easier than I thought I would I'm 54 yeas old and have always wanted to learn to play the saxophone and now it's actually happening.
  • Lawrence Fairbairn
    Lawrence Fairbairn -
    I have just played the first backing track and rattled off my first attempt at improvisation using what I've gleaned so far. Well, even to me, it sounded not bad.
    The hair on the back of my neck stood up just thinking of the implications of what I have here. There is nothing quite so daunting as to be told by the band that I am involved with, just to throw a solo in when I feel like it. Now, I'm a lot further along the road than I was, thanks to you.
  • Jimmy Hagar
    Jimmy Hagar - Thanks so much. I'm thoroughly enjoying the training. You are by far the best teacher I've ever had. If I'd known this method fifty years ago I would have never set the horn down. Thanks again for taking the time to develop this method. I'll be studying the videos from now until my clock stops ticking.
  • Mark B.
    Mark B. -
    I'm having the best time buddy. Really enjoying the lessons, I look forward to each video to see what's next! Your teaching method is clear and detailed. I'm loving the challenge and amazingly, I'm doing quite well (actually very well). I have passed my own expectation that's for sure. I never would have thought I could allow myself to improvise and at such an early stage. Thanks so much Jay, your course is transforming my playing and it's giving me loads of confidence.
  • Chris Adams
    Chris Adams - Hi Jay, I just wanted to say how good this course is I'm really enjoying learning again. The pentatonic scales have given me a renewed confidence in my improvising & my playing by ear. I just wish that I had discovered this course years ago. I now know for certain that this course is going to take me to the next level & beyond. Thanks again.
  • Lonnie Gonzales
    Lonnie Gonzales - Thanks Jay! I can’t tell you how much your videos have helped my progress and allowed for my practice time to be more focused.
  • Bob Pearse
    Bob Pearse - Hi Jay, I am an instrumental teacher for the Northern Territory Music School, which is a branch of the Education Department in Northern Australia. I am predominantly a guitarist  but still teach and play horns, especially sax. I would like to congratulate you on your course content and support. I have already recommended it to several other teachers and players alike. I am enjoying it also. Very practical and instant development. I also subscribe to your theory on reading.
  • M.K.
    M.K. - I have successfully enrolled in the Pentatonic  Foundation Course and am enjoying that and have noticed improvement in my playing. I also try to sponge up all the hints that you provide and use them as well. Now at age 78, I regret not having played the sax as a teenager, when I was concentrating on the French Horn, and was pushed into the classical old style of learning music. Those habits are hard to break, and I am fortunate to have come upon your music and courses. I really identify and enjoy your teaching method. It makes sense!