Designing the BetterSax BURNIN' Mouthpiece with Jody Espina – Better Sax

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4 thoughts on “Designing the BetterSax BURNIN’ Mouthpiece with Jody Espina”

  1. Jay, I am on the fence and have watched this video several times, my question is this. Would I get a fuller sound from the palm keys and how does the altissimo respond? I currently play a great sounding NY USA Meyer 7m purchased in 1977 but the altissimo does not pop like I would like it to.

    1. Lee, without knowing your particular Meyer I would say that in general those will not have the power and projection of the Burnin. The altissimo will almost certainly be much easier on the Burnin’ compared to any Meyer. In my experience some Meyers can feel a bit stuffy. This can make the palm keys feel like notes to avoid. While a lot of that is on us as players to stay open and relaxed in the throat up there, the Burnin should give you a nice clear and open sound in the upper register.

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