Dave Pollack Tackles the BetterSax intro - Smooth Jazz Style – Better Sax

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You all heard the BetterSax intro plenty of times, and while I think it’s perfect as is – saxophonist Dave Pollack has other ideas. Check out his rendition of the BetterSax intro – smooth jazz style. To quote him “it’s being played on the wrong instrument and there are wrong notes in it. In this video I (along with the Chosen One) show how it’s SUPPOSED to be played.”

What do you think? Do we like the smooth jazz version? Let me know in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Dave Pollack Tackles the BetterSax intro – Smooth Jazz Style”

  1. Nice…that was pretty and smoooth Dave Pollack 🙂 Kenny would be pleased I’m sure. I liked it but Jay…obviously too long to replace your intro which is still memorable and suitably snappy!

  2. This was so much fun to hear and watch. I tried to score it on the Smooth Jazz Network but couldn’t find the title. I’m sure it could be in the top 20 in no time if we can name it.

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