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Drake Studio Mouthpiece

Drake Studio Mouthpiece – Mini Mouthpiece Review

This Drake Studio Mouthpiece is an incredible addition to the Drake Mouthpiece line-up. This mouthpiece is absolute FIRE ?

“This mouthpiece is an original design which features a rollover baffle and a medium chamber.  The baffle and floor contour are specifically calibrated to offer flexibility with outstanding control and projection. The versatility of this design enables each player to create their own sound.  Wether you are playing lead alto, R&B, or funk, you will find this mouthpiece can deliver!”

Drake Mouthpieces – “Studio Jazz” Metal Alto

I’m playing with a Boston Sax Shop 3.5 reed – the same reed for 2 weeks now. It’s unstoppable!

Everything is recorded on GarageBand on my iPad with the Apogee Mic+ which also rocks.

Drake Studio Mouthpiece

This mouthpiece has a contemporary sound but is also crazy warm. I’m going to spend a lot more time with this one. Just a pleasure to play. The horn is my Yanagisawa WO33 which is a dream.

Th Drake Studio Mouthpiece is an incredible piece of equipment, and the price says so too at $525 for the Sterling Silver Plated mouthpiece, and $550 for the 24k Gold Plated mouthpiece.

Check out the instagram video below to hear this incredible mouthpiece. Have you ever played this mouthpiece before? Let me know in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Drake Studio Mouthpiece – Mini Mouthpiece Review”

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  2. Hello Jay,
    I am thinking about buying the
    drake studio mouthpiece tip 6
    I saw your video clip, are you still
    enthousiastic about the mouthpiece?

    Kind regards,
    Robert from Holland

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