EMEO Digital Saxophone 1 Year Later…

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I’ve had my EMEO digital saxophone for a little over a year now, and I wanted to make this follow up video to tell you about some updates to the instrument, and new things that I’ve learned we can do with it.

If you want to know more about what the EMEO is and how it works, be sure to check out my original review video.


Playing the EMEO Wirelessly


The biggest new thing for me is the ability to play wirelessly.

I’m able to do this thanks to this little device made by CME. It connects via bluetooth to the EMEO. I connect it with a usb cable to my computer and I can play wirelessly. I connected it to my iPad and I’m using the Respiro app for the sounds.

In the past playing a device like this via bluetooth was really laggy and unpleasant. Now with this little WIDI interface, I can play up tempo stuff with a backing track and have near zero latency.

This has to be purchased separately and I’ve included a link where you can get one. Yes, it will work with other instruments that have bluetooth connectivity, like the TravelSax and Yamaha YDS-150.


Neck and Mouthpiece Update


I’m also enjoying this new neck and mouthpiece. In my original video I mentioned that I wanted it to be a little more comfortable and this new neck is a nice improvement.

The new mouthpiece is the same shape, but instead of hard plastic, it is a softer rubbery material which I find more comfortable. These are just prototypes that were sent to me. As I understand it, they will be released soon and existing customers will be able to order the accessories from the EMEO website when they are ready.

I still mostly play while sitting down resting the EMEO on my thigh. But now I put a towel there to avoid getting the condensation on my pants.


EMEO Connect App


Another update is this app you can use in a web browser, which is awesome. You just go to connect.emeomusic.com with your EMEO plugged in and it works.

The EMEO was already very easy to change the settings using different combinations of keys, but now, you don’t have to remember all that. You can make changes in an internet browser on your computer.

Depending on when you got your EMEO, you may need to update your firmware to use this. Just visit the EMEO website for instructions on how to do that.

On this page I can see what I’m playing in real time, and over here, I can change the transposition, adjust the pressure resistance and change some other settings. Legal fingerings show up as yellow, unassigned fingerings show up as orange and the blue ones are fingerings that I have programmed myself for altissimo.

As of the time of this recording, the price has not increased for the EMEO if you order directly from them. It will cost $1550 plus $95 shipping from Israel. If you use the coupon code BETTERSAXEMEO when you order you can save 5% which gives you a nice discount of around $75 bucks.


My Favorite Wind Synth


While I have pretty much every wind synth there is, if I had to choose only one, it would be the EMEO. Other wind synths have things the EMEO doesn’t like a lower price, onboard sounds and smaller form factor, but the most important thing for me is how enjoyable it is to play, and that is where the EMEO beats everything else.

You can watch my full EMEO review video here to get more details on how amazing this instrument really is.

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