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1980s Sax Solos

Great 1980s Sax Solos

The other day I was checking out some vintage sax solos from 80s music videos and there’s actually some really cool stuff in there.

Great 1980s Sax Solos

Let’s check them out together, I’ll walk you through some of these and keep in mind as you’re watching that the stuff in these solos is exactly the sort of concepts I teach in my courses available here on 

In this video I take a look at “When the Going Gets”, “Hip to Be Square”, and “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me.”

After you’re done with this video, you gotta go check out this one where I break down a bit of musical vocabulary you absolutely must know. It’s what I call the Smooth Jazz Lick but It’s not just for smooth jazz, it’s found in all styles of popular music including the three solos we just listened to.

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