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High Baffle Ear Bleeders Battle – Mini Mouthpiece Review

If you want to cut through the mix and make altissimo a lot easier you need a high baffle mouthpiece. Never been my thing in the past but I must admit it’s a lot of fun playing on these!

Which Mouthpiece Do You Prefer?

Check out the instagram video below to hear two different high baffle mouthpieces and listen to the end for the no effects raw examples. I’ve got something from Drake Mouthpieces and Jody Jazz. Let me know in the comments below which one you like better.

For me, the David Sanborn model from Drake Mouthpieces gets up there even easier and has a special hard edge to the sound.

The Jody Jazz Inc super jet screams but still retains a warmth and touch of roundness to the sound

Both pieces speak very easily and clearly over the full range and play in tune.

In the video I’m playing a transcription of Gerald Albright on his tune “Handy Hop” which comes from a killer album. Check it out. The reed is a Boston Sax 3.5, which consider to be some the best reeds out there. Click on this link to purchase your own Boston Sax Shop Reeds.

Interested in more mouthpiece reviews? Check out this review on a variety of bari sax mouthpieces from Jody Jazz.

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