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Chad LB

Back during my trip to NY during the early months of 2020, I sat down with my great friend and amazing saxophone player Chad Lefkowitz-Brown or Chad “LB.”

Not only is he one of my favorite saxophone players, he’s also a fantastic educator. He’s always sharing valuable information on how to practice and learn improvisation at an advanced level.

“I’ll say this at pretty much every masterclass I do… I can tell whether it’s a world class improviser or a legend, just by looking at their solo on a jazz song or looking at a transcription, and looking at beat 4 to 1,”

– Chad Lefkowitz-Brown

In his hands, the saxophone is a deadly weapon… He’s a frequently soloist with Chris Botti and has toured with Taylor Swift. He has massive shredding chops, but is also an extremely expressive musician.

Check out the full interview below as Chad LB and I discuss one of the most important areas to address in order to get your improvised lines to sound like the real thing. Once you’ve had a chance to watch, let me know what you think in the comments below.

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