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How to Play Saxophone Until You’re 100 – Don Braden

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How to Play the Saxophone Longer

My guest in this interview is Don Braden, a renowned saxophonist and educator, who shares insights into his routines and habits that keep him mentally and physically fit at the age of 60. This has allowed him to envision another three or four decades of making music.

At the core of his philosophy is the belief that excellent health translates to maximized energy, creativity, and longevity in a musician’s career. He emphasizes the importance of not only lifespan but also “health span,” focusing on maintaining excellent health and quality of life.

Don’s approach integrates physical, mental, and emotional well-being, highlighting the significance of managing energy, maintaining positive relationships, and identifying personal power sources for mental and emotional health.

Overcoming Pain or Discomfort While Playing Saxophone

Our discussion extends to practical strategies for musicians, addressing common challenges like physical discomfort during performances. He advocates for a holistic approach that includes regular exercise, particularly emphasizing aerobic fitness and upper body strength training to support the physical demands of playing the saxophone.

Through his own experiences with pain and numbness, Don underscores the necessity of addressing physical fitness early on to prevent future issues and ensure longevity in one’s musical journey.

You can find out more about Don by visiting his website,

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Sreekanta says:

I’m 60+ hale n healthy, can i practice n play saxophone at this age

Marcy Lyzun says:

If you don’t have any health issues preventing you, then definitely. Check out this video that Jay did on the topic of playing saxophone and age.
-Marcy (BetterSax Operations Manager)



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