Jody Jazz Major Scale Challenge | (CLOSED CONTEST)

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Jody Jazz Major Scale Challenge

Hey there, today I’ve got an opportunity for you to get better at the saxophone and win some very cool prizes in the process.

Jody Espina from Jody Jazz mouthpieces had a great idea for a competition, where viewers can play through a challenging exercise and be entered into the drawing for some free Jody Jazz mouthpieces.

If you don’t already know your major scale in all 12 keys, it is something you should start working on. Hopefully this challenge will motivate you to do that and win a Jody Jazz mouthpiece.

6 Scales

Anyone who records themselves playing 6 different major scales on the saxophone in one breath will be eligible to win any Jody Jazz mouthpiece for any saxophone, up to a $650 value.

So a lot of you will already be able to do this, so get practicing because you’ve got a week from the day this video comes out to get your entry in (that’s Tuesday, December 14th, 2021).

12 Scales

Now we’ve decided to add another prize for all 12 major scales in one breath. This is significantly harder but still doable for a lot of people.

So if you’re a bit more advanced you can opt for this challenge which will probably have fewer entries and therefore a greater chance of winning.

Check out the video above for a demonstration.

Now you may have noticed that I played those scales going up to the 9th and then transitioned to the next key up a half step each time. I’ve written this all out for you in a pdf that you can download for free from the BetterSax shed.


In addition to the mouthpiece prizes, we have a couple more for you to win. 

One randomly selected entry will get a zoom lesson with Jody Espina, which will be AWESOME.

Plus, another lucky winner will get a 6 month subscription to the BetterSax Studio which is our amazing online saxophone learning community where students work on learning jazz standards and studying improvisation while getting personalized feedback on their playing from me and my Studio partner Steve Kortyka.

Submitting Your Entry

Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know for submitting your entry.

It doesn’t matter where you start, or how you go through all the keys, but in order to be eligible to win your entry must be played with clean technique, solid rhythm, and a good sound.

Please submit only one entry. So choose either the 6 keys in one breath version or the 12 keys. If you enter both, you will be disqualified.

To film yourself, just take your smartphone and record with the front facing camera. Make sure we can see your face, and fingers of both hands.

Say your name at the beginning and then play your scales in one breath.

No editing of the video or audio, we will know if anyone does that.

Once you’ve got your video, upload it to YouTube. Then go to the contest page and submit the URL of your video. The first randomly selected entry that fulfills all the requirements for each category will win the prize.

You can set your video to be public or unlisted on YouTube, but if it is set to PRIVATE we won’t be able to see it and your entry won’t be counted.

We are going to announce the winners live on YouTube next week and watch those videos together. 

Good luck in this JodyJazz and BetterSax challenge… now go practice

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Bill says:

Hi there,
Sorry couldn’t find the pdf of the 12 scales in the shed. BW

Ilene Gould says:

Hi Bill,

Here is the link to the PDF, let me know if need anything else!




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