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Joey Defrancesco

Joey Defrancesco on Learning the Saxophone

An Interview with Joey DeFrancesco

I sit down with the great Joey DeFrancesco who is not only one of the top jazz organists of all time but also a saxophonist!
In this interview, we talk about his experience learning the saxophone over the last few years, sax gear and his musical influences.

Hope you enjoy this interview with Joey DeFrancesco!

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4 thoughts on “Joey Defrancesco on Learning the Saxophone”

  1. .. just the other day, I watched your session with the great Joey Defrancesco, amazed at the short time it took him to get comfortable with the tenor sax, mesmerized by his cool and laid back demeanour.. and this morning I learned that he passed away yesterday!! Much like the rest of the music world, I am in shock. I am so grateful that you had to opportunity to meet with him and discuss his love for the saxophone. This is huge loss…

    1. Literally the same as Nick above – I’d known him on organ and he’d gone off my radar after some time, and *JUST LAST WEEK* saw your interview and made a mental note to make sure to see him the next time he came around. So, so sad.

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