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Reverb Room

Testing the REVERB SIMULATOR Room at Sweetwater


In January of 2022, I took a trip to Sweetwater in Fort Wayne IN and got to check out their music store, which has got to be one of the most impressive spaces I’ve ever seen.

Band & Orchestra Department at Sweetwater

My Trip to Sweetwater

In the band and orchestra department, they’ve got a unique feature you won’t find anywhere else. They have two demo rooms for trying out instruments that are equipped with a custom built reverb simulator.

Reverb Rooms at Sweetwater

It is incredibly cool, and I got to meet up with the man who built it for an insiders look.

Daniel Fisher is one of the many very talented people that work here. He’s written a ton of articles on sound design and synths, which you can check out on the Sweetwater Blog.

Now the tech used to make this work is top secret of course, but I somehow convinced Daniel to show me the magic black box… But sorry, only for my eyes.

If you’re ever in the Fort Wayne area, you’ve got to come by and try this out, just see the whole Sweetwater experience. It’s all pretty unbelievable.

BetterSax Alto Now Available

While I was there, I got to play-test my very own BetterSax alto and BURNIN’ mouthpiece in the reverb room. Both are available for order now at Sweetwater, or you can get in touch now with a Sweetwater sales engineer by calling their (800) number.

Sweetwater is also now selling a whole list of products I can personally recommend. You can check that out here.

This is Drake, who’s a company Sales Engineer and also a great sax player. I found him trying out the BetterSax alto during his lunch break and he did a little demo of the room for us.

If you call Sweetwater, you can even ask for Drake and he will tell you exactly what it’s like to play on this saxophone or any of the other gear they have in the woodwind department.

Their sales associates actually play the instruments, which means they can give customers the best possible service.

If you want to learn more head over to Sweetwater.com

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