The LAST Altissimo Lesson You'll Ever Need with Ben Wendel – Better Sax

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“If you work through this book and do everything in this book you’re going to become a very good altissimo player.” – Ben Wendel

In this video I sit down with Ben Wendel as he shares some of his secrets on how he shreds like an absolute monster in the upper altissimo range.

You can also learn from him in his fantastic new book called the “Path To Altissimo.” By any measure he is one of the best saxophonists in the world (PLUS… he’s been voted the saxophonist with the best hair 9 years in a row). If you have his new book, let us know what you think in the comments below!

You can watch the full interview above!

Also be sure to check out his masterclass series, more of his music, and follow him on instagram!

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1 thought on “The LAST Altissimo Lesson You’ll Ever Need with Ben Wendel”

  1. Great interview- I never appreciated that it was more about voicings than key sequence.

    I am not ready to explore this yet – just want to get to altissimo G for solo!

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