Why are Jody Jazz Mouthpieces So Good?

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I recently had the unique opportunity to visit the Jody Jazz Factory in Savannah, Georgia, where I delved into the intricate process of crafting what many consider to be some of the best saxophone mouthpieces in the world. In this interview with Jody Espina, founder of JodyJazz mouthpieces,  we discuss his journey into the world of mouthpiece crafting, the evolution of the manufacturing process, and what sets Jody Jazz mouthpieces apart.

JodyJazz Factory Tour

I had the chance to tour the factory during my visit (more to come on that in another upcoming video), and I was fascinated by the diversity of methods employed in creating these exceptional mouthpieces. Jody explained the journey from his early mentorship with Santy Runyon to the sophisticated CNC technology used today. There was a noticeable attention to detail, from molding to precision machining. The dedication to quality was evident in every step, ensuring consistency and excellence in the final product.

Excellence in Saxophone Mouthpieces

Jody shared insights into the challenges he faced in perfecting mouthpieces, recalling his experiences with prototypes and the journey to achieving a balance between craftsmanship and technology. The transition from molded pieces to CNC machining marked a significant leap in accuracy and consistency. The meticulous playtesting ensures that each mouthpiece meets the high standards set by Jody Jazz.

The Human Element

One aspect that stands out in Jody’s mouthpiece production is the integration of both technology and the human touch. Jody emphasized the importance of the human element in refining the mouthpieces. Skilled artisans contribute to the finishing touches, enhancing the playability and character of each mouthpiece. The commitment to quality control is exemplified by the rigorous testing process that every mouthpiece undergoes.

Creating a Legacy

Jody reflected on the evolution of his business, from its origins in New York to the establishment of the impressive Savannah factory. The move allowed him to realize his vision, but it came with significant risks and challenges. The responsibility to employees and customers became paramount, emphasizing the importance of growth and consistency.

Teaching and Outreach

Apart from crafting mouthpieces, Jody remains deeply involved in music education. He recounted his recent experiences conducting clinics at high schools, sharing valuable insights on breath control, sound production, and musical expression. Jody’s commitment to helping aspiring musicians find their unique voice was evident in his approach to teaching.

New Mouthpiece Releases

Our conversation also touched on recent developments, including the release of the DV HR for alto saxophone and the imminent arrival of the tenor version. Jody expressed confidence in the new releases, promising exceptional playability and sonic richness.


Jody Jazz Mouthpieces continues to be a beacon of excellence, combining tradition, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of quality. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring musician, the journey into the world of Jody Jazz offers a glimpse into the artistry behind some of the finest saxophone mouthpieces in the industry.

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