23 Newest Saxophone Products in 2022 from NAMM

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2022 NAMM Show

I just got back from the 2022 NAMM show in California, and in this video I’m going to tell you about all the new saxophone products I discovered! Plus, many of them were only seen publicly for the first time at the conference!

I, of course had my Better Sax alto saxophone there, but since there wasn’t a Better Sax booth, we had to squat with some of our friends. So quick shout out to SYOS and ReedGeek who hosted the Better Sax EAS112 alto’s. So many people got to try them over the weekend and the feedback was incredible. Everyone basically said some variation of “I can’t believe how good that horn is.”

We also parked the EAS112 at the Jody Jazz booth along with our BURNIN’ mouthpieces for alto and tenor. Thanks to everyone who tried the mouthpieces and the alto and a big thanks to the Jody Jazz team for being such gracious hosts.

Jody Jazz also just released the coolest looking mouthpiece I’ve ever seen but we’ll get to that one a bit later.

Selmer Supreme

Probably the most exciting new saxophone in a very long time is the Selmer Supreme which was on display at the Conn-Selmer booth. These horns have been tough to get a hold of early on, but it seems they are now more readily available.

They had this antique lacquer finish on display along with the dark gold lacquer version. It’s also available in silver plate, solid silver, black lacquer and gold plating.

ZEN Neck Strap

BG, the legendary saxophone accessory company, has released the new ZEN neck strap that I used all weekend. The side that is against your neck is cotton, while the opposite side is real leather. It’s got a very sturdy plastic coated clasp and this metal bar that makes it more comfortable for the front part of your neck.

BG Baritone Sax Swab

BG has also released a new swab specifically for baritone saxophone. This is something that a lot of bari sax players who have never swabbed out their instrument should go and get right away. I previously made a video about swabbing out a bari sax with a DIY swab, and now with this one from BG you don’t have to jerry rig anything.

WARNING: the first time you swab out your bari *will* be disgusting.

BG Duo Ligature

BG also released a new finish for their Duo ligature which I have been using for years.

Now it comes in a black lacquer which looks very cool.

Vandoren Black Carbon Ligature

Speaking of black ligatures, Vandoren also released a black carbon fiber version of their M|O ligature, so I guess black is the new gold in the saxophone world.


Speaking of trends, there is a new synthetic reed out by BARI called the ECO Reed which is made entirely out of recycled plastic. And yes, it is green.

Rovner Clearly Elegant Saxophone Stand

Another very interesting plastic product comes from Rovner, It’s called the Clearly Elegant Saxophone Display System, and we got to see these at various booths.

This is really a brilliant idea if you’ve got a saxophone shop or just want to display a saxophone in the most elegant way. You no longer have the ugly sax stand obscuring the bell and engraving which are usually the most beautiful part of the instrument.

These stands accommodate all sizes of saxophone and come in a few different configurations. I will definitely be ordering one of these for my office.

Retro Revival

Retro Revival introduced their new saxophone which is called the True 6. It is a tenor sax designed to match the Selmer Mark VI in as many ways as possible.

They went to a lot of trouble getting a lot of the details right, like the placement of the thumb hook and neck strap ring, the pinky key spatulas, the side key mechanisms and the bell to body brace. They also put a lot of attention on the aesthetics of the engravings. Keep an eye out for these which will be available in very limited quantities soon.

Eastman Winds Student Baritone

Another new saxophone I came across is the Eastman Winds student baritone. Keyed to low Bb to weigh less and with nickel plated keys.

Rovner Avatar Mouthpiece

There were a bunch of new mouthpieces released at NAMM I’m going to be reviewing some of them in the coming weeks once I’ve had time to play them a while.

Rovner released this new Avatar mouthpiece which is like nothing I’ve ever seen on the inside. It has this very unique table and chamber design.

SYOS Original Mouthpiece.

SYOS had their new Originals line of mouthpieces on display. I’ve already done a review of these if you would like to check that out. They also have some new 3D printed reed cases to go along with their Arcane line of reeds.

Meyer Bros. Mouthpieces

JJ Babbitt has released the Connoisseur series which includes Meyer bros. New York for alto and the Early Babbit Tone Edge for tenor.

Theo Wanne

Theo Wanne has released a few new mouthpieces, including the Lakshmi metal mouthpiece for tenor that has a vintage Florida Otto Link vive to it as well as the Durga 5 for soprano, alto, tenor and bari. They also released the new Mindi Abair 2, which I talk about in this video.

Jody Jazz

And Jody Jazz has completed the line of HR* Custom Dark mouthpieces with the addition of the baritone sax model. They also now offer the Power Ring ligatures in a pack that comes with a custom fit mouthpiece cap.

The coolest new saxophone thing at the NAMM show this year has got to be the new hand hammered mouthpiece by Jody Jazz. This thing is a heavy beast that looks really impressive with the rose gold plating. It’s even got a matching hand hammered power ring ligature to go with it.

That’s all for now, but if you want to check out my saxophone gear reviews, check out “What to get for the sax player who has everything”

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