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Lessons from Legends on Jazz

Asking Jazz Legends How to Get Good

Learning from Jazz Legends

Recently I got to hear an amazing group of musicians live at the Side Door jazz club in Old Lyme Connecticut. While I was there, I was fortunate enough to get some great interview content with some of them.

The group is the Mike LeDonne quartet featuring Eric Alexander on saxophone, Joe Farnsworth on drums, and Paul Bollenbeck on guitar. Each of these musicians are among the elite, the top shelf as good as it gets and besides offering us incredible musicianship they each have a tremendous wealth of knowledge to share with us when it comes to the art form of improvising and playing music.

Lessons from Eric Alexander

Eric Alexander has just released his latest BetterSax course called 22 Minor Key Explorations. it’s the follow up to 21 Major Key Explorations and I strongly recommend both of these to any student of jazz improvisation and not just saxophone players.

Eric recently picked the alto sax back up and has been performing and recording regularly with it. In this video, he’s playing the Better Sax Burnin’ alto mouthpiece.

And don’t forget to listen to the BetterSax podcast below!

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