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Jean-Paul Alto Saxophone

Jean Paul AS-400 Unbox Play-test and Review

The Jean Paul AS-400 Alto Saxophone


The Jean-Paul AS-400 is a solid saxophone considering it’s low price.

Jean-Paul USA has been providing great customer service and the sax comes with a good beginner mouthpiece, case and all the other necessary accessories to get started.

The BetterSax Alto Saxophone

Now if your budget can stretch a bit more, we strongly recommend the BetterSax Alto Saxophone. We have recently developed this instrument to fill a gap in the market for a high quality, reliable and desirable entry-level saxophone at an affordable price.

Our vision for this saxophone is to change the way we think of an entry level instrument. I want people to be able to buy this horn and not have to think they are going to need a step up instrument a few years later. The BetterSax alto can be your one and only main instrument no matter what level player you are. This truly is a fantastic horn and I’m excited to finally get it into your hands!

You can purchase the BetterSax Alto exclusively from our partners at and

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As the founder of Jay’s mission is to help developing saxophone players break away from traditional music learning methods and discover a more efficient, practical and fun way to become a Better Sax player. The BetterSax YouTube channel’s videos have been watched by millions and thousands of students have made meaningful progress on their instrument thanks to BetterSax courses.

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6 thoughts on “Jean Paul AS-400 Unbox Play-test and Review”

  1. Jay, I just recently purchased the AS-400 and I can attest to their great customer service. I actually decided to buy the AS-400 after reading someone else’s review on the 10 best student saxophones. I was experiencing a little buyer’s remorse until, two hours after I purchased it on Amazon, I read your review and it made be feel so much better. The box was damaged during delivery and after checking out the sax, I noticed that the screw on the neck’s octave key was not seated properly causing the mechanism to rattle. There were also performance issues for the low notes. I contacted their customer service and in less than a week they delivered a new neck. They also provided me with a number for their tech guy who was available on Saturday to make sure there were no issues with connecting the new neck. It’s a great saxophone for a beginner like me and they were a great company to deal with.

  2. Hi Jay, my grandson wants to learn to play the sax (bless his little heart.) I will buy him the horn. Please give me your thoughts re YAS-26 vs Jean Paul 400 (I think- entry level) vs the Better Sax alto. Thanks!

  3. I bought this Jean Paul AS 400. First sax I ever bought. The Jean Paul company is great. You call and they will do the right thing. I travel
    With this saxophone. Some days I bring the horn with me in the car. . Some one tells me come back in an hour. I have time to play. No problem ever. The case has held up like a champ. I. Was in Mexico at a jazz festival. The saxophone player who was the featured act had problems with his saxophone. He asked if he could use my horn. I let him use it. he’s an experienced jazz horn player he looked, Jean Paul? Ok never heard of it. He played it the first night and every night until the festival was over. Man this horn is smoking. Powerful projection. Even today when I see him he tells me Jean Paul that’s a smoking horn. I recommend anyone to buy this horn. It’s strong, loud and never disappointing .

  4. Hi Jay. I am a older beginer with a bit of spare change. Am currently renting but am wanting to purchase a sax. Saw your video on the comparision, and the Jean Paul As400 unboxing. Now I see you have the Better Sax horn. What is your advice. Would like to buy something that I can progress into without having to upgrade. Really enjoy your videos.
    What are your thoughts on Selmer?

    1. I designed the BetterSax alto to be a horn that you wouldn’t need to upgrade from. I play it professionally now and it fulfills everything I need in a horn. Selmer makes great saxophones as well.

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