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The Intrepid 7*

The Intrepid 7*

This Intrepid 7* mouthpiece was my main piece for a while before my current mouthpiece testing frenzy. This is from Phil-Tone Mouthpieces.

What do you think of the sound? I miss this piece a bit but have so many more to get to know at the moment. Also dusting off a standard I haven’t played in a minute.

The reed is a Lupifaro 3 and the ligature is from BG France. The horn is my Yanagisawa T880 with a bronze neck engraved by @majzikrobert.

Interested in more mouthpiece reviews? Compare this mouthpiece to the Otto Link Tone Edge 7* in that mini mouthpiece review.

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5 thoughts on “Phil-Tone Intrepid 7* – Mini Mouthpiece Review”

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  2. Great sound, i am thinking to buy one—However what are you currently settled on for tenor after trying various others–thanks , John

  3. I have that mpc. It is so fantastic. My go to mpc for small combo settings. Big fat bottom end, screaming altissimo and everything in between. I also have Phil’s Equinox, and Isotope for Tenor and Rift for Alto. Phil makes wonderful mouthpieces.

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