JazzLab Sax Deflector Review

In today’s edition of “gear I can’t live without”, I’m going to show you the JazzLab Sax Deflector and why I can’t play a gig now without it.

I’ve been using it non-stop for gigs. One time I went out without it, played a few notes, and decided that I had to go back and grab it out of my case.

It just clips onto your bell and you can adjust the angle of the deflector so that it bounces the sound back to you while you’re playing. It works with all alto, soprano, tenor, and bari saxes.

Uses for the JazzLab Sax Deflector

Situation 1

If you’re playing a loud concert or gig with lots of other musicians. Most of the time, you probably don’t have a monitor. So, it’s going to be difficult to hear yourself over everyone else. Most other musicians have a really nice amp too and they’re able to turn up and down the volume, and adjust the volume however they’d like. Meanwhile, saxophonists can’t do anything to change the levels.

This deflector directs your sound back toward your ears. Even in a really loud situation you’re going to be able to hear yourself better. If you can hear better, you can play better, and with more confidence.

There’s also a hole in the center, so if you have a mic out in front of you, the mic will still pick up the sound, while deflecting the rest back toward you.

Situation 2

The other situation in which the sax deflector is useful, is for playing soft gigs. For example, you might be in a hotel or a restaurant and they want live, background music at a low volume.

I feel like I can still play confidently, and get a good response out of my instrument because I can hear myself better. I might be playing softly, but I can hear a clear response. Plus, I can play more confidently without being afraid of being too loud.

Tips For Using the Sax Deflector

You’ll have to experiment with the angle to find what works best for you based on how you hold the instrument. I find it works best when it is perpendicular to the floor. this will appear to be tilted in more than you would expect.

To store it, I lay it flat in my case under the horn. The mount goes with the rest of my accessories, and neither take up much space.

Just as a note, I have no affiliation with JazzLab. I bought this deflector on my own, for my own use, and ending up loving it! If you’ve used it before, let me know what you think in the comments below!

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