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Carpooling with Bob Reynolds

In this interview, I talk with one of my favorite saxophone players, Bob Reynolds. We discuss what it’s like managing competing priorities as a recording artist and touring musician.

Bob Reynolds is a Grammy-Award winning jazz tenor saxophonist. He is mainly known for his work with the jazz and funk band Snarky Puppy, and pop artist John Mayer.

He’s released nine solo albums, four of which landed in the Top Ten of Billboard’s Jazz Charts.

He has an incredible YouTube channel that showcases all kinds of his music. He also creates vlogs “documenting my attempt to balance my career as a professional saxophonist with raising a young family.” Bob’s Newest album Runway was released on April 2nd, 2020.

Making Time for Music

Even if you are just a hobbyist… When it comes to the saxophone, you’ll be able to relate to this discussion. For many people, it’s the other way around.

Music is something you want to make time for, but it always gets pushed aside for other “more important” things. Putting yourself into a situation where you can’t turn back from playing your instrument helps.

I enjoy using Instagram to force myself to produce something musical and creative on a regular basis. However small that is. It’s like setting up mini concerts for yourself and there is growth as a result of each post.

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