SQUEAKY Saxophone Reeds, Altissimo, LOW Notes, Overtones | Q&A #1 – Better Sax

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Q&A #1 – Squeaky Saxophone Reeds…

Today, I’m answering YOUR saxophone questions in the first BetterSax Q&A. I’ll cover:

  • how to fix and avoid squeaky saxophone reeds
  • playing in the altissimo register
  • tips on getting the low notes to come out on your saxophone
  • playing the overtones in tune.

Check out the full Q+A video below. Whether you have squeaky saxophone reeds or you’re struggling with overtones… I hope some of your saxophone questions get answered.

If you want more information on any of these topics I have several other posts on Low Notes, Playing in the Altissimo range, and Choosing Between Different Cuts of Reeds.

What other questions do you have? Drop ’em in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “SQUEAKY Saxophone Reeds, Altissimo, LOW Notes, Overtones | Q&A #1”

  1. Thanks, Jay, I appreciate your time and help. I am slowly seeing progress. I have learned that patience is more than a virtue, it is necessary!

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