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Derek Brown – BeatBox Sax

“My special ability is not memorizing things, it’s not that I pick up things quickly or have a good ear… If I have any special ability at all, it’s the actual ability,” –

Derek Brown, BeatBox Sax

I sat down to chat with Beat Box Saxophonist Derek Brown at the 2020 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA. In this interview Derek talks about the simple secret to getting good at anything, and his approach to learning to play such incredibly difficult things on the saxophone.

Derek reminds us that “Half of getting better as a musician is just starting to practice.”

Leave your comments below. What take aways were most valuable to you from this video?

Be sure to check out Derek Brown’s Website, his YouTube page @Beatbox Sax and on Instagram.

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1 thought on “The Secret Super Power of a Slow Learner – Derek Brown BeatBox Sax”

  1. Jay, I really enjoyed your interview with Derek Brown. I had never heard of him before seeing this video but I’m going to start checking our his music. This was an informative interview and his advice applies across the spectrum of career choices and how to become “good” at anything we chose to do in life.

    Thanks again,

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