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cover-art-12Pentatonic Foundation

The Pentatonic Foundation video course takes you step by step through methods used by professional saxophonists. Improve your technique and rhythm while learning to play using your ears. Concepts are presented clearly with a minimum of music theory. more...

Pentatonic Patterns


This collection of patterns with accompanying backing tracks in all 12 keys serves as a resource of practice material to improve your technique with the pentatonic scale in all keys. They are also meant to be used in improvised solos as starting points, ideas, or basic pentatonic language.

Pentatonic Patterns
  • 60 + patterns
  • 12 backing tracks in all keys
  • music theory guide
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Pentatonic Patterns eBook + Backing Tracks

Pentatonic Foundation
  • 90 + minutes of HD video lessons
  • PDF Course Guide
  • MP3 downloads
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